color in painting mini course

Discover how to make the colors in your painting work together

Color is such an integral part of painting, however a solid understanding of color fundamentals (and how colors work together) is often missing for many artists in their art education.

If you find it a challenge to establish proper value structures and clear color transitions in your paintings, then the Color in Painting Mini-Course will be the perfect step to help you begin filling in the gaps!

Join the Color in Painting Mini-Course.

What you'll learn:

  • How to get the right color VALUES into your painting.
  • How to utilize the power of color statements and create your own.
  • How to apply color (painting techniques), and continue moving your paintings forward!


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Elizabeth Larson Koehler instructor of The Foundational Painter Fundamentals workshop

Hi, I'm Elisabeth Larson Koehler

If we haven't met yet, I'm a painter and the founding instructor of Art Studio Life and all of its programs − including the Color In Painting Mini-Course, you are viewing here!

I received my BFA in painting at the University of Washington and continued my studies overseas in Italy and at the Jerusalem Studio School in Israel.

I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and empowering artists to be able to paint anything (and in any style) they want. And learning the core painting fundamentals, is key to achieving this.

So, I'm very excited to share this mini-course training with you now. As after going through the lessons contained within, you will come away with a clear understanding of how to achieve clear values, as well as create smooth transitions with color in your paintings!

What You Need to Learn

The Color in Painting Mini-Course, includes three lessons that cover three of the most impactful elements to get your paintings on track with color! Each lesson features a video (painting demonstration) for you to follow/paint along with.

Below, is a more detailed breakdown of what you'll find in each section of the mini-course.

color in painting mini course lesson one

In the first lesson of the mini-course, I'll show you one of the most powerful tools for learning how to recognize VALUES in your painting.

color in painting mini course lesson two


Heading into lesson two, you'll discover how to bring value and color together in a clear and concise way (through the power of color statements).

color in painting mini course lesson three


Finally, in lesson three--we start by looking at three distinct points of a painting (in process). Where you'll learn how to break down complex colors into simpler components at first. Then, begin taking on the greater complexity of creating those finer color transitions (and details) within your piece.

Join the mini-course today and begin moving your painting forward with color!

color in painting mini course

What you'll get:

  • Unlimited, lifetime access to the Color in Painting Mini-Course portal (as soon as you enroll).
  • Personalized feedback & painting critiques.

What you'll learn:

  • How to get the right color VALUES into your painting.
  • How to utilize the power of color statements and create your own.
  • How to apply color (painting techniques), and continue moving your paintings forward!


(One-time payment)



What's inside the mini-course?

The Color in Painting Mini-Course, is comprised of three lessons--taken directly from my exclusive PWC Workshop training. Each part, contains a video lesson (painting demonstration) so that you can paint along with me every step of the way. What you will learn from these lessons as you follow along, is the exact steps necessary to make your painting come alive in color!

How will this mini-course help me?

When you join the Color in Painting Mini-Course, you will receive an overview of how to begin incorporating dynamic color values and transitions in your art. Whether you're a beginner or experienced painter − this mini-course will provide you with the fundamental steps and techniques you need to understand, to begin mastering the fundamentals of painting with color.

How long do I have access to the mini-course?

You will have UNLIMITED, LIFETIME ACCESS to the Color in Painting Mini-Course. Access anytime - across any and all devices you own!

When can I get started?

As soon as you enroll, you'll be sent your individual login details to be able to get started right away with the Color in Painting Mini-Course.

What if I can’t start right now?

Again, you'll get life-time access when you enroll. So you can start the mini-course whenever you’re ready and work through the training whenever it’s most convenient for you and your schedule. If you know you want to enroll, don’t wait − as I have a special discount available right now (that ends Saturday).

What is the price to enroll?

Enroll right now for a one-time payment of $75 USD.

Is the mini-course live or pre-recorded?

This mini-course is comprised of pre-recorded video lessons that you can stop, pause, play as much as you need.

What if I have color mixing questions?

There are multiple ways for you to receive help after you enroll. You will have access to me and other students inside the mini-course portal community. Also as a student, you will also have access to the private Art Studio Life School Facebook group where you can interact with myself and others and ask your questions and even get feedback on your work as you mix colors for your art! Last but never least, you can email me your questions − all Art Studio Life students get priority 1-2 day response, typically sooner depending on time zones🧑‍💻

Do you offer a free trial or guarantee?

There is not a free trial − however the mini-course comes with a 30 day full money-back guarantee! This way you can enroll and get started with the mini-course right away, completely risk free.

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